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PPC is an online advertising model where you choose the daily budget that you are comfortable with and will only get charged when your ads are clicked. PPC is definitely not a buffet where you have to pay that fixed price regardless how much you eat. Therefore, with PPC, it is fair to say that advertisers pay for result only.

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Google Search Ads


because it is instant, Google Search Ads brings traffic instantly to your website. As a Google Premier Partner, we want you to be out there when people Google you, so that you don’t lose out to your competitors.

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Google Display Ads

We’ve got you covered! Google Display Network allows you to display your ads on over a million websites, where you can get the most eyeballs on your ads.

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It improves the cycle of your marketing plan. With the implementation of remarketing, you are able to stay connect with your potential customers even if they leave your websites.

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Video Advertising

Youtube Ads

with the most powerful combination of sight, sound plus motion. With million impressions that are served everyday, you are able to build engaging creative content and tell stories that your audience want.

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Facebook Ads

According to SocialMediaToday, users spend 116 minutes on average on social media everyday. There is no better way to describe Facebook as coffee than anything else. Admit it, we are all coffee-dependent-zombie. With Facebook advertising, you can always reach out to your potential clients in a more casual way. Let’s feed them!

Donut | Nexus Mediaworks

Instagram Ads

Who doesn’t like donut? Donut is colourful and attractive, it makes us feel like we are living in the moment. Instagram is, sharing the moment. In this era, people is engaging with the brand through a more vivid and more of a “noncommercial” like instagram images. Show your donut like story now instead of hard pushing your product.

One ingredient is never enough for your online marketing plan. Implement different layer of strategies can help your business grow. This is why we provide a perfectly balanced PPC management for you to capture more audiences.

The Online Marketing Ingredients

50 gram

PPC Channels and Networks

43 gram

Keywords & Placement Research

Text Ad Creation

Landing Page Auditing

10 gram

Conversion Tracking

12 gram

Google Analytics Integration

300 Kcal

Ongoing PPC Optimization

20 gram

Monthly Custom Reporting


Assessment & Consultation

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