Google Penalty!

Google released an article telling those unethical agencies NOT TO “A reminder about links in large-scale article campaigns”.  The choice belong to you despite various warnings and articles from Google not to do all the PBNs, Guests Blogging, Directories Submission, Forums, and Social Accounts by “Manipulate and Deceipt Google For The Purpose of Link Building”; this whole objective will never able to help you to “≠ Rank Well” and you ought to start to understand your current website health before being penalised by Google or Google going to use Manual Penalty.

I personally handled 5 different cases being penalized by Google due to “Unethical SEO Agencies”.  Out of 5 cases, 3 of the cases SEO being done by agencies in India and 2 cases by local agencies in Malaysia.  One of the sites being penalized by Google is a prominent Infographics site.  Google is always colorblind and sizes blind; if you violate their guidelines and with the intent of manipulating Google’s search result, then tough luck!

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